Learning Spanish in La Rioja
Restaurants and foods

An absolutely vital part of the course is food, in all its guises. We begin by introducing you to culinary terms, ingredients and individual dishes, to help you understand and engage with eateries, restaurants and bars, which will form a substantial part of your coursework. Of course, you will have a lot of fun, but the essential core of the exercise is to evolve your capacity to communicate well in Spanish.

Many have chosen to enrol on this course because they want to experience the unique cuisine of Spain, while exploring and enjoying its cultural diversity.

Each meal is selected for its authenticity and quintessential Spanishness, from breakfast on the Plaza Felix Azpilicueta to ‘chuletas a la brasa riojana’ in an authentic merendero. Spain offers a rich diversity of flavours that can be traced back through history. Almost every one of its 17 autonomous regions and 52 individual provinces have a different nuance of flavour to their distinctive individual dishes and will sometimes jealously guard their recipes, which may even define the region.

Fuenmayor is renowned for its fine and diverse selection of eateries and restaurants. Dignitaries, celebrities and ordinary Spaniards come from far and wide to enjoy the gastronomic explosion of flavours and hospitable ambience. The village and surrounding villages offer three Michelin-star restaurants, Spain’s number one boutique hotel and numerous celebrated restaurants offering and specialising in traditional Spanish cuisine (Cocina traditional Española). Some of these consistently rank as the best restaurants in Spain in popular Spanish restaurant guides.

The plethora of bars and pubs also prepare and serve food – delightfully designed and presented ‘tapas’, ‘raciones’ and ‘platos combinados’ (all of which will be explained on day one of your course). 

  A fine selection of restaurants

Fuenmayor enjoys a rich, developed and diverse heritage of gastronomy, both in terms of local restaurants and the breadth of cuisine on offer, from traditional Spanish to international. In addition, a wealth of internationally acclaimed wine cellars pepper the surrounding landscape, making Fuenmayor the perfect choice for any gastronome.